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Computational thinking is a core set of skills that computer scientists develop as they learn to program. It isn’t something you can only learn through programming though. Puzzles can be a great and fun way to develop the skills. This puzzle book involves a wide range of puzzles that involve aspects of computational thinking. Some are algorithmic puzzles where the aim is to come up with an algorithm that solves the puzzle. Many like Kakuro and Cut Block puzzles are logic puzzles, that are all about logical thinking. To be good at them, though, involves inventing your own rules and algorithms for solving them. Yet others, like code cracking grids involve computing concepts and algorithms in puzzle form.

If you enjoy these puzzles more can be found at www.cs4fn.org/puzzles/

Puzzles are most of all for fun, but it’s always good to be learning useful skills too


2.33 avg. rating (53% score) - 3 votes
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