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Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. It’s a great tool for creating “choose your own adventure” types of story games. It’s a great way to introduce key aspects of computational thinking through a non-linear approach. This taps into a number of cross-curricular competency areas and is a fun and interactive medium for many students. The original version of Twine is a downloadable software install. Twine 2.0 is web-based and requires no-login, but be careful; students must continue to work on their projects on the same computer each time as their project data is stored locally on each machine. Stories can be written in different languages which makes this a great option for any language courses. You can export your finished stories to HTML which allows for easy offline and online viewing in the future.

The Twine Wiki is a great place for more information and to post questions and see other interesting Twine projects and ideas.

You can access both Twine (download) and Twine 2.0 (online) versions at the link below.

Here is a useful tutorial for the original Twine: http://www.auntiepixelante.com/twine/

Here is a incredibly comprehensive YouTube playlist for most aspects of Twine 2.0

Although the interface is in English, you can write in other languages as part of the story creation process.

Happy storytelling!

5.00 avg. rating (87% score) - 1 vote
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